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NMD Mez 7X PE Tension Tech Bodyboard

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Are you a fan of the Mach 7X, but want a few modern touches? Or perhaps are you looking for a durable bodyboard that has a classic feel? If you answered yes to either of those questions, the NMD Mez 7X PE Tension Tech Bodyboard is no doubt a great choice.

The Mez 7X is Nick Mesritz' take on a classic bodyboard, the Mach 7X.

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This board features a fuller template, allowing it to pick up speed on command. In addition, Mesritz added Aku parallel channels for more control.

This board was made to give a similar design to the 7X, but fine-tuned to give that extra boost of modern performance a bodyboarder would want.


"The Mez 7X is my take on a classic. I’ve fine-tuned the template incorporating modern design techniques without losing the versatility this board was famous for. The Mez 7X picks up speed on command due to its fuller template, with a medium-wide nose drawing into a lower wide-point and a straighter line through to the tail. CNC cut for the ultimate in shaping precision, with Aku parallel channels for more control. In honour of the man that started it all, we are donating a percentage of all sales of the Mez 7X to the Friends of Tom Morey fundraising campaign."

- Nick Mesritz

41" Board Dimensions
Nose - 11 5/8"
Wide Point - 20 3/4” @ 18 1/4"
Tail - 17 5/8"
Thickness - 2 1/16"

42" Board Dimensions
Nose - 12"
Wide Point - 21 1/4” @ 18 5/8"
Tail - 18 1/8"
Thickness - 2 1/8"

43" Board Dimensions
Nose - 12 1/2"
Wide Point - 22” @ 19 1/8"
Tail - 18 3/4"
Thickness - 2 3/16”


  • BUILT FOR BODYBOARDERS WHO WANT A MODERN RENDITION OF A CLASSIC - The Mez 7X PE provides all the nostalgia with a few modern touches.
  • STRONG PE TENSION TECH DECK helps keep this board solid and durable.
  • SINGLE STRINGER gives an added durability bonus with a bit of flex.
  • CRESCENT TAIL keeps this bodyboard picking up speed on command.


  • PE Core - A strong, durable board core that is best suited in warmer waters.
  • TENSION TECH Deck - Water-resistant top skin that helps the rider stay put, with contours to keep your hands and elbows in the right position. A TensionTech deck provides a bi-axial Mesh layer and allows for a thinner, stronger and stiffer board that still provides instant recoil and spring-like projection.
  • SURLYN SLICK WITH MESH allows this board to really move fast on the water with minimal friction.
  • ADDITIONAL FEATURES: Single Stringer, Crescent Tail with Tail Piece, Bumpers, Channels, Nose Bulbs.
  • Board Length: 41", 42", 43".
  • Color Combos: Aqua Blue/Red, Black/Orange, Yellow/Black.


The NMD Mez 7X PE Tension Tech is a great modern rendition of a classic. Do yourself a favor and pick one up - the board's speed will surprise you.

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