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  • MULTI-SIDED SCREW DESIGN - Unlike the other beach umbrella anchors on the market, our anchor uses a multi-tier screw design. Using this, it's able to go deeper into the sand and stay put for hours. We've tested nearly every type of sand anchor and found that this design is the most reliable in holding your umbrella in the sand. Our anchor is also 16 inches long, much larger than other anchors, allowing it to secure further into the sand. Don't settle for less. Become a Beachgoer.
  • DURABLE ABS PLASTIC - Our beach umbrella sand anchor is made of a super-durable ABS plastic. No more broken handles. Stress-tested in multiple conditions, including dirt, grass, sand, and packed sand, we've proven that our umbrella anchor is built to last.
  • QUICK AND EASY TO INSTALL - Easily install our umbrella screw anchor in four simple steps. Just take our beach screw out and place our umbrella auger into the sand, and push down and twist until all screws have entered into the sand. When it's time to leave, just turn it counterclockwise and pull upwards. Instructions included.
  • REINFORCED HANDLES AND BASE - We were tired of other beach sand anchors constantly having issues with broken handles, so we made sure ours were reinforced. Our umbrella base is also reinforced to keep your umbrella tight in place. Our sand auger won't break on you at the beach.
  • FITS MOST UMBRELLAS - Our beach sand anchor fits umbrellas up to a 1.5 inch diameter. Easily tighten any umbrella with a smaller diameter with our included tightening screw. Fits many umbrellas from most popular brands.

Here at Beachgoer, we spent the last two years finding a solution to our problem of having umbrellas constantly fall over on us and blow away at the beach. We tried several anchors on the market, but they all had issues: they didn't fit our umbrellas, they weren't durable enough, they wouldn't work in certain conditions, and they just wouldn't hold up against the wind. So we set out to make one that met all our expectations, and we succeeded. We built the ultimate sand anchor.


Tons of Features Packed in a Travel-Friendly Design


beachgoer anchor screw

Multi-Tier Screw Design - Holds Up Against Even the Strongest Winds

Our unique multi-sided screw mechanism allows for easy drilling into the sand. Additionally, because of the gaps in between the screws, it grabs the sand much better and keeps the umbrella spike put all day long, without those pesky realignments you have to do with other sand screws. No more tilted umbrellas. It's better than sandbags. It's simply the best sand anchor out there.

beach umbrella anchor handles

Reinforced Handles and Base Keep Your Umbrella in Place

Our umbrella drill features thick, reinforced handles and a reinforced umbrella base, allowing you to push the umbrella sand screw deep into the ground, and keep your beach umbrella in place for hours. The flower-shaped pole fastener is extremely easy to grip and twist to adjust to any umbrella up to 1.5 inches in diameter. Plus, at 16" in size, it's large enough to hold your umbrella deep into the sand, yet small, light and compact enough to travel with and carry.

beach anchor

Heavy Duty ABS Plastic - Lighter and Better than Metal

Our anchor is made of a durable ABS plastic, so it won't break easily and it won't rust or corrode like metal or aluminum sand anchors. Plus, it's not heavy like metal anchors, so it's extremely portable and easy to bring to the beach. We stress-tested our anchor in all types of conditions and ground types and have yet to break a single one. Our sand anchors are super tough. They're durable enough to last you several years at the beach. Don't settle for less. We've built one of the best plastic sand anchors on the market. Become a Beachgoer.


Holds Strong Against High Winds - Keep Your Umbrella Wind Proof

Our anchor is the ultimate sand umbrella holder. This anchor is built to last and keeps your umbrella safe against even the strongest of winds. Our anchor is super wind-resistant, known to stand up even on the East Coast beaches, where winds can be heavy. Its solid ABS construction will keep your umbrella sturdy in any wind situation: from a light breeze to heavy wind gusts. The Beachgoer Sand Anchor is the ultimate beach tool.

Quick and Easy to Set Up with Universal Design - Easy Installation

Our anchor has a universal design, so even if your umbrella is 9 ft long, if your diameter is under 1.5", our anchor will fit. Our anchor installs with ease in just four simple steps. Plus, if you ever forget, a guide is included printed onto the anchor.

  1. Take anchor out and push it against the sand.
  2. While pushing, twist anchor clockwise into the sand or earth. Our design makes it extremely easy to screw our anchor in and dig a hole into the sand.
  3. Mount and slide umbrella or parasol into sand anchor
  4. Tighten any umbrella pole (fits umbrella diameters up to 1.5") in anchor with the tightening adjustment thumbscrew. 

To loosen at any time, simply turn counterclockwise and pull upwards. Now you can have a stress-free day at the beach, knowing that your umbrellas won't blow over. No need to stay in the sun. Protect yourself against harmful UV rays and strong winds. Our umbrella holder has you covered.

Durable and Stress-Tested in Multiple Environments

We've put our anchor to the test in all types of sands and surfaces: dry sand, packed sand, and even grass, dirt, and more. We've thrown it as hard as we could against pavement time after time, and it's never broken. Our anchor brings you the durability of metal anchors without the hefty weight and rust. It's nearly unbreakable. It just works. In addition, its universal design allows it to be used at the beach, near your pool by the poolside, at the park, or in a grassy patio or lawn area. In addition to holding umbrellas, its multipurpose design can be used to hold up small flagpoles, as a pet leash tether at the beach, as a tent stake, holding down a clothesline, beach canopies, kites, volleyball nets, towels, hammocks, chairs, flags, cabanas and more. It's light and easy to travel with. It's truly the ultimate beach umbrella screw. Made possible by the team at Beachgoer, the experts in high-quality beach gear.

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