Beachgoer Pack of 3 32-Inch Metal Heavy Duty Beach Shovels

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These metal beach shovels will last you for quite a few beach trips, unlike your average plastic beach shovel.

Say goodbye to the days of plastic sand shovels that only last for a couple days.

This pack of 3 beach shovels feature a 31" wood shovel shaft and 6.25" diameter. They're large enough for all ages three and up.

Our set of three shovels includes a red beach shovel, green beach shovel, and blue beach shovel, that make excellent sand toys or beach-themed gifts.

These are excellent big shovels for kids and adults alike.

So grab a few sand buckets and go - Beachgoer metal shovels are ready for whatever you throw at them!


  • THESE METAL SHOVELS will last for multiple beach trips with no problem. Say goodbye to the days of broken plastic shovels.
  • PACK OF 3 includes a set of three colors: a red shovel, a blue shovel, and a green shovel for one low price. No more needing to share the shovels. Beachgoer has the shovel bundle you've been waiting for.
  • HEAVY DUTY wooden sand shovels feature a wood handle and metal spade. The reinforced handle makes these an excellent set of wood beach toys for your next beach trip.
  • GREAT FOR KIDS - These shovels are excellent beach shovels for kids and adults alike. For ages three and up.
  • LARGE BEACH SHOVELS are 31" in length and feature a 6.25" handle, giving you a large amount of room to shovel tons of sand. Perfect for burying friends, digging for treasure, and much more. Made possible by the dedicated efforts of the Beachgoer team, the guys who bring you the best stuff for the beach

Heavy Duty Metal Construction - The Ultimate Beach Shovel

These shovels feature a metal spade and are extremely sturdy.

Similar to garden shovels, they have a solid frame and can easily hold piles of sand without worrying about any snapping.

We've put these shovels to the test, and they're nearly unbreakable.

Pair them with one of our beach pails or your own set of beach buckets and start digging. Great for building sand castles as well.

Not going to the beach?

They work excellent in sandboxes, playgrounds and parks alike.

Great for long summer days and unlimited backyard fun.

32" Long with 6.25" Handle

Each sand shovel measures 32 inches in length, big enough for older kids or even adults to play with.

Each spade features a 6.25" handle, large enough to have a sturdy grip for even the heaviest of sand. These giant shovels are extremely durable.

Great for digging up treasure, beachcombing, finding shells (also known as shelling), or digging up water.

Leverage these shovels to dig more than ever without having to worry about snapping like a plastic spade would.

Bundle of 3 Metal Beach Shovels Included in Each Order

Each order includes a box of 3 brightly-colored beach shovels: a red shovel, a blue shovel, and a green shovel, all for one low price.

No need to share!

This kit of 3 provides the perfect set of beach toys for your next beach trip.

The assortment of colors makes them excellent pirate or beach-themed party favors for beach games and barbecues as well. Or, if you prefer, use them in a sandbox!

They're great for boys and girls ages three and up.

So hit the beaches with a great pack of shovels that will last. Become a Beachgoer.

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