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Tidal Rift Plexiglass Wax Scraper

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Tired of cleaning wax off from your surfboard, skis, or snowboard? We were too.
We set out to create the best scraper out there, and we succeeded. We’ve gone ahead and made it bigger, more durable, and more portable than all the other wax scrapers you will come across. How? I’m glad you asked! Our scraper is made of a thick 4mm plexiglass material, so it won’t bend. It’s also 180mm long, so forget the waste of time you get from shorter scrapers, or the awkward angles from a triangle wax scraper. Our scraper also has a dual-notch design, making it a lot easier to clean than rectangular wax scrapers. And we’ve made sure that it works, through rigorous testing and design. Our scraper is the ultimate surfboard, ski, or snowboard tool.
  • SIZE MATTERS - Our wax scraper is a whopping 180mm. This means you spend less time scraping and more time shredding!
  • STRONG, DURABLE MATERIAL - This scraper is made of 4mm-thick plexiglass. It won’t bend or warp like all those metal scrapers out there.
  • EASY TO CLEAN - Our dual-notch design allows for easy cleaning, giving you more time to do what you love best.
  • GOES BOTH WAYS - The Tidal Rift wax scraper works both horizontally and vertically!
  • BRING IT ANYWHERE - Our scraper has a bigger keyhole diameter than the other scrapers out there, allowing you to use it on key rings that might be a bit more crowded.

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