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Since 1988, BZ has been making some serious boards in terms of quality and performance, and this T-10 is no stranger to its heritage. Offering a clipped crescent tail, PE core and HDPE slick - plus a single RCS stringer - this board's ready to handle anything you can throw at it.

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This board features a PE (or polyethylene) core, which is a lot more durable than an EPS core. PE cores work well in both water types, but perform even better in cooler waters.

The T-10 offers a single RCS stringer down the middle of the board. This will keep the board strong in even the harshest of conditions.

The deck is made of 8 lb. Green Cell, which is a very strong top skin. This helps with added durability and grip.

The T-10's HDPE slick allows it to glide on the water effortlessly.

Additionally, the board offers a clipped crescent tail design. This is a slight modification of a crescent tail, this offers all the performance you're used to, but also assists those that prefer prone or dropknee riding.

This board is available in two sizes. The 42" is best for riders within the ranges of 125-190 lbs. or less, or 5'7" to 6'2" or less. The 40" size is best for riders within the ranges of 5'3"-5'6", between 115 and 130lb. To double-check your height and weight, or find a different size, you can check out our bodyboard size guide here or automatically find the right size using our calculator here.


  • BUILT SINCE 1988 - BZ has been offering some of the best performance boards available. The T-10 is no exception.
  • DURABLE PE CORE gives the T-10 strong performance in varying water temperatures, with a boost in cooler waters.
  • HDPE SLICK WITH CHANNELS to help this board glide on the water
  • GREAT FOR SERIOUS RIDERS looking to upgrade from a lower-level board, or newer riders looking for a durable board to last.
  • LEASH NOT INCLUDED - We recommend a BZ Pro Coil Wrist Leash.


  • PE Core - A stronger core that's heavier than EPS, but a whole lot more durable. Works even better in colder surf conditions.
  • Green Cell TC8 Deck - A polyethylene deck skin that's built to hold up against strong surf.
  • HDPE Slick - A strong slick that, combined with channels, help this board maneuver quickly.
  • Weight: 5.5 lbs.
  • Dimensions: 42" x 23" x 7.5", 40" x 23" x 7.5"
  • Colors: Blue/Green, Yellow/Grey, Black/Orange


The T-10 is an excellent choice for riders looking to get some serious performance out of their board, or those that are looking for a durable board to last.

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