Morey Big Kahuna 44" Bodyboard

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If you're 6' tall or more, or weigh more than 185 lbs. and you're looking for a mid-range board with a wider template, the Big Kahuna is built for you.

This board will provide you with quick maneuverability and durability that'll last you quite a few sessions. There's not a lot of boards out there built specifically for big guys. The Big Kahuna fills the gap and does its job well.

→ SMALLER RIDER? Check out the Morey Mach 7.

→ ON A BUDGET? Check out the Morey Cruiser.

 UNSURE WHAT SIZE TO GET? Try our Size Calculator.


This board features an EPS core, which is strong in both cold and warm waters. Like the smaller Cruiser, this board also features Morey's Crescent Tail.

This technology allows the rider to go fast and catch way more waves than a standard board.

Combine that with Morey's Power Rod Stringer, which uses carbon-strength tube technology to protect your board against even the choppiest of conditions.

Like similar Morey boards, this one features an IXL deck and HDPE slick. These will both give you extra durability.

You'll also get channels for maneuverability, similar to the Cruiser or Mach 7. Combine that with the Crescent Tail, and you're looking at a board that will provide you with some serious control, something that a lot of other boards simply can't do if you're tall and/or big.


  • BUILT FOR RIDERS 6' or taller, or heavier than 185lb. For smaller riders, we recommend the Mach 7.
  • DURABLE EPS CORE allows for solid board strength in both cold and warm waters
  • FEATURES POWER ROD STRINGER - Supercharge your board's strength with a carbon-strength tube in the middle of the board's core. This will keep your board strong in even the harshest of conditions.
  • CRESCENT TAIL to help with super-fast turns and maneuverability in varying wave conditions
  • LEASH INCLUDED - Plug already installed - just tie the leash and head out there!


  • EPS Core - A light but durable board core.
  • IXL Deck - Water-resistant top skin that helps the rider stay put in fast-paced waves.
  • HDPE Slick - Durable bottom material that assists you in gliding on the water.
  • Weight: 4 lbs
  • Board Length: 44"
  • Full Board Dimensions: 45.25" x 23.01" x 7.69"
  • Color Combos: Black/Blue/Blue, Blue/Gray/Yellow, Red/Black/White
  • Accessories Included: Leash


The Big Kahuna was built with riders 6' or taller, or heavier than 185lb in mind. If you're in one (or both) of those categories, and you're looking for a mid-range board that will last, the Big Kahuna won't disappoint.


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