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If you're 6' tall or more, or weigh more than 240 lbs. and you're looking for a feature-packed board that'll give you the buoyancy and flotation you need for a solid ride, the Custom X Beast is made for you.

The Beast was built for larger riders whom other bodyboards, like the Morey Mach 7, simply won't work for. This board is custom-designed for larger and taller riders.

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The Beast offers serious features for bigger riders.

Lay eyes on the Beast and you'll see that this board is truly massive: a 14" nose, 17" tail, a whopping 24.5" width, and 3.5" of board thickness. This is what separates this board from others in the segment, such as the Morey Big Kahuna.

This density and thickness make this board a whole lot more buoyant, thus being able to support much taller or heavier riders than your average bodyboard.


  • BUILT FOR BIG RIDERS 6' or taller, or weighing more than 185 lbs. If you're taller than 6'5", check out the Custom X Beast 48".
  • PE CORE adds density and support to this board, giving it better buoyancy and flotation.
  • DUAL GRAPHITE STRINGERS to add some flex to the board, as well as extra core support.
  • 24.5" BOARD WIDTH keeps this board dense and buoyant for all rider types.
  • LEASH (AND PLUG) NOT INCLUDED - We recommend a Custom X leash for this board.


  • PE Core - A strong and heavier core that works well in warm and cold waters. Works even better in cold waters.
  • Weight: 8 lbs
  • Board Length: 45"
  • Stringer Type: Dual (graphite)
  • Full Board Dimensions: 45" x 24.5" x 3.5"
  • Color Combos: Yellow/White, Red/White


If you're over 240 pounds, and taller than 6', the Custom X Beast was built for you. This board will give you all the buoyancy you need to enjoy a solid ride.

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