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NMD Base 36" Kids Bodyboard

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Are you just getting started bodyboarding and want to start out with a feature-packed board? Or are you a grom looking to level up your bodyboarding? The NMD Base 36" Kids Bodyboard is built for you.

This PE bodyboard features everything you'd expect in a high-tier board, but at a kid's size.

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This board features a PE core, which is a light but super-durable core material that performs well in warm water conditions.

Match that with this board's 8lb PE decking, and you've got a durable bodyboard that's ready for anything you throw at it.

This board was made by one of the best shapers in the bodyboarding industry, Nick Mesritz.


Made by the best shaper in the industry Nick Mesritz, the Base is a high spec PE-HD board dialed in for small to medium surf.

The template is prone specific with enough volume in the nose to support the shoulders and a smooth curve through the wide-point, transitioning to the tail for down the line speed.

The Traction contour improves backhand grip.

The NMD Stox Base is the best bodyboard you can get in this price range!


  • BUILT FOR YOUNGER RIDERS or groms looking to level up their bodyboarding, the NMD Base 36" provides all the features you're used to seeing in higher-end boards.
  • STRONG PE CORE helps keep this board solid and durable, performing best in warmer water conditions.
  • 8lb PE DECK gives solid grip in the surf.
  • TEMPLATE BY NICK MESRITZ features channels and a single rail, and is best for prone riding.


  • PE Core - A strong, durable board core that works best in warmer water temperatures.
  • 8lb PE Deck - Water-resistant top skin that helps the rider stay put, with contours to keep your hands and elbows in the right position.
  • HD Slick - A strong bottom material that assists you in gliding on the water.
  • Board Length: 36".
  • Color Combos: Blue/White, Yellow/Red, Black/Yellow, Dark Blue/Green.


The NMD STOX Base offers some of the best features-to-price in this segment, giving riders a durable PE core. This template was built for prone riders.

It's the perfect bodyboard for kids, those just getting started, or groms looking to level up their bodyboarding game.

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