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Designed by two-time World Champion Andre Botha, the Empire Andre Botha PE Bodyboard features a PE core, giving this board some serious strength.

Botha has proved himself to be one of the most competitive riders in the world. He won back to back world titles when he was just 17 and 18 years old. His board template was built with one thing in mind: pulling in the biggest barrels possible.

This is a feature-packed board, offering double stringers, a 8lb PE deck, an HDPE slick and 50/50 rails.


Andre Botha has proved himself to not only be one of the best competitive riders in the world, winning back to back World Titles at ages 17, and 18, but he is also known as one of the heaviest chargers in the world.

His relaxed surfing style paired with his ability to ride the craziest waves in the world has made him into one of the most dynamic riders the sport has ever seen. His template is designed with one thing mind, pulling into the biggest barrels possible.  


This is a crescent-tail board that shines in barrel rides. This board features a PE core, giving it a stiff and dense feel.

Plus, this board was designed by Pro Bodyboarder Andre Botha - No feature was missed in the design of this board.


  • PE CORE gives this board some serious density and strength for barrel rides.
  • DOUBLE STRINGERS offer serious board durability for tougher surf conditions.
  • HDPE SLICK gives this board some great gliding power.
  • 8LB PE DECK provides strong hold in barrels, which this board was built for.


  • PE Core - A strong and dense board core.
  • 8LB PE DECK Deck - Water-resistant top skin that helps the rider stay put in fast-paced waves.
  • HDPE Slick - High quality slick material that helps this board glide, especially in barrels.
  • Additional Features: Crescent Tail, 50/50 Rails, Channels.
  • Board Length: 40", 43".
  • Color Combos: Red/Electric Blue, Black/Black, Midnight Blue/Black, Red/Orange.

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