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Empire Swerve Energy PP+ Bodyboard

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Built as a jack of all trades kind of board, the Empire Swerve Energy PP+ Bodyboard features an NRG+ core, and shines in cooler water temperatures.

This board is built for riders looking to transition from PE to PP, but aren't quite ready to get a PP bodyboard.

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The NRG+ PP core in this board is designed for cooler water temperatures, and functions well in a variety of wave conditions.

Additionally, this board is feature-packed for serious riding, featuring a single CFT stringer, comfortable NXL skin and full deck contours.


This is a jack of all trades kind of board.

It's a moderately priced board packed with advanced features. The Swerve is ready for action in any conditions with his versatile template.

You can jump up on the knee and bash a section or fling yourself out of that big dreamy bowl. This is the perfect board to help you figure out what's going to be right for you, it's not too narrow, not too wide, but just right.

The added mesh and 1x stringer will combine to give you that perfect amount of flex inside those critical sections while the Graduated Channel system will ensure you stay locked in when you set your line.

This board can handle anything you throw at it and is a one of kind board with all its features while still at an affordable price for the progressing rider. 

NXL skins mould and adapt to the riders body position and style of surfing. The lightweight NXL skin finishes with a smooth, flawless seem for added performance without the hassle of rashes when you’re surfing without a wetsuit. The soft positive feel of NXL is the benchmark for performance based skins with added sustainable recoil.

WAVESLICK HD is a hard wearing, high-density slick bottom skin for improved board stiffness and speed. What about comfort? Ergonomic deck contouring designed to lock the body into position and improve hand grip.

It also features Graduated Channels that increase the surface area of the boards slick bottom and channels that laminar flow along the rail/ hull for positive edge control.

This board is a no brainer choice for the rider who is looking to progress their riding ability and transition from PE to PP but doesn't quite have enough coin to drop on on a top tier model.  


  • NRG+ PP CORE adds density and support to this board, and functions best in cooler water temperatures.
  • SINGLE CFT STRINGER to add some flex to the board, as well as extra core support.
  • NXL DECK SKIN allows for rider comfort and allows for more board control.
  • FULL DECK CONTOURS for added rider comfort and control.


  • NRG+ PP Core - A strong core type designed to function best in cooler water temperatures.
  • Board Length: 40", 41", 42".
  • Stringer Type: Single CFT
  • Color Combos: Midnight Blue/Orange, Midnight Blue/Silver, Black/White, Black/White/Pink.

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